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In 2011, cdbaby founder Derek Sivers handpicks Trick Sensei among his favorite CD baby artists and included the track "We're Dead Again" as one of 24 in the "rock" genre to be inluded with purchase of his book Anything You Want

"up-beat '80s style psychedelia and have the potential to put the booty in motion." Wm. Stephen Humphrey, Portland Mercury

"Trick Sensei is one of Portland's most underrated pop bands. Some songs stretch out on the psychedelic frontier and some are catchy, sweet bedroom pop numbers..." PSU Vanguard

"Trick Sensei is an upstream gem found in Portland, OR. We give bands radio play like this indie wonder... their music sold us and they deserve a chance to be heard." www.USA4real.com

one sheet "Trick Sensei's trick is the ambient interplay of dreamy guitar effects and throbbing rhythm. A hot summer night in a Portland bar ... this is 'lose yourself' music,it builds and washes over." Rosedrop Media

"Trick Sensei evokes a certain ponderous solitude with the contrasting plucky vs. washy guitars. Verifiable home-made theremin makes for tasty sound bites gurgling throughout the quirky yet earnest lyrics... this is original Oregon rock at its finest." Frequency of Evil

"... much anticipated psych popsters Trick Sensei pull out of the atom-spheric surround sound... that employs all the softest tricks of '60s psychedelic pop music, including lots of reverb, subdued drumming and tripped out harmonies..." Portland Mercury